VR Pole

VR Pole is a company creating integral virtual, mixed and augmented reality interactive solutions for hotels, museums, galleries, sports clubs, tourist facilities and other innovative companies that are embracing digitization.

They produce 3D, 360 and VR animations and products, unique VR software and various stationary VR devices that transform regular places into immersive virtual reality experiences. At this year's Digital Takeover, they will present the VR POLE, an indoor and outdoor virtual reality device offering immersive view of storied locations. VR POLE is a 100% Croatian-made product, designed in collaboration with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, and all the software and animation solutions have been developed within the company.

In addition to the VR POLE, at this year's Expo program visitors will also have the opportunity to see some other products from the company's portfolio such as interactive pads, AR applications, NFC brochures...

From its beginnings, the mission of the VR Pole company has been to, by means of their own virtual reality (VR) projection technologies, offer as many people as possible the opportunity to interpret various cultural, historical, and artistic events, regardless of their location. In their own opinion, their greatest achievements include being ranked among TOP15 promising EU startups and winning this year's “CREATORS FOR THE CENTURIES” AWARD FOR CONTRIBUTING TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN CENTRAL AND SOUTH-EASTERN EUROPE.

VR Pole also won a Gold medal for Best Innovation in Tourism in 2018, and they are particularly proud for being on the cover of one of the biggest media outlets for tourism – The Lonely Planet.

Thanks to the visibility of their work, the European Union is co-financing a project that will make the City of Zagreb the first city in the world with free virtual reality city tours including seven different locations. It is planned to happen in spring 2020

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