Urban Oasis

The common belief is that the technology serves market needs and not the need for improving the quality of life. “Urban Oasis”—Intelligent Aeroponic IoT Urban Garden is a concept that represents a symbiosis between the Internet of things (IoT), an aeroponic greenhouse, intelligent algorithms and the passion for nature, food and herbs.

It is motivated by accelerated automation, cloud-based solutions, financial and ecological efficiency. The proposed Urban Oasis concept is a personal garden capable of offering several suitable microclimates for any type of large number of plant at the same time. The product offers various features including time-to-harvest estimate, water and electricity consumption estimate and the possibility of using CO2 from the surrounding environment (households, offices or public places) and subsequently enriching the air with oxygen.

Urban Oasis is ensuring its functionality through exclusive and modern design that creates a beautiful living and breathing system as part of your household. As a premium product, the design offers four main functionalities, namely: Ambient, Dietary, Therapeutic and “Tamagotchi”.

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