TORP d.o.o. is a Rijeka-based company that deals with innovations, developing and discovering new technical and technological solutions in the segment of light electric vehicles and their parts.

The co-founders Teo Žikić and Damir Šarčević, both enthusiasts about electric vehicles and extreme sports, have identified the shortcomings in the existing technologies and decided to develop powertrains that would meet their own high standards, as well as the expectations of the end user.

This resulted in designing TORP electric bike, a hybrid between a bike and a motorcycle. It is very lightweight and powerful, made for off-road driving, enduro and attractive performances. In addition to the sleek elegant design, they have also implemented their own engineering solutions in terms of the powertrain design. In that way they wanted to demonstrate the skills and expertise possessed by TORP experts.

Their electric bicycle will be presented to the public shortly before the Digital Takeover, so the attendees at the conference will be the first to see the product live.

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