StartUp incubator Rijeka

It consists of 23 different projects/startups. Three startups from the last, 11th generation of startups, are coming to the Digital Takeover. These are as follows: Unseen, Luxalea and Vsub, incubators are based on a fundamental desire to detect and solve problems by implementing innovations and pushing technological boundaries.

The “Unseen” team is developing a 2D video game adapted for blind people. The theme of the game was inspired by World War II. The concept is designed to enable a blind player to play the game independently by relying on sounds and vibrations and to create a sense of total immersion into the game's world.

The “Luxalea” team said: We live in a world where everything adapts to the users and their preferences. However, in the multi-billion dollar board games industry, there is almost no opportunity for that. Luxalea addresses this problem by developing a device that functions as a digital version of the classic dice. The user himself can create patterns and sound effects and thus change the course of the game!

The “Vsub” team is founded by two naval architecture engineers whose ultimate goal is to design a vessel that has extremely good properties in terms of moving across the sea surface (skimming) and that could dive under the surface when needed or change the planes of motion and explore otherwise inaccessible dimensions, namely the depths of the sea. The project is based on the idea of ​creating a hybrid vessel, which should be a combination of two, essentially different, maritime transport vessels. This vessel should be a combination of speedboats and submarines, whose main difference lies in the laws of physics that dictate their movement.

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