Spotsie app

Spotsie is an indoor positioning system based on a sophisticated combination of intelligent pieces of hardware (gateway and beacon) and the latest algorithm models, including also a cloud developed by a group of mathematicians and computer scientists. The system has been achieving great results, both in terms of moving and stationary objects, which is why we can be completely sure about the room in which the object is located, something that so far has not been achieved by anybody.

The above-mentioned technology makes this product unique in the Republic of Croatia, the region and beyond, and because of the precision it achieves, it can deliver an exceptional level of personalization of the user experience.

Spotsie consists of two products:

1) a system for indoor and outdoor positioning and navigation (detecting the location of both objects and people, accuracy of less than two meters, IoT and Bluetooth technology)

2) an event management platform for managing large events, representing the first vertical integration of a system for indoor positioning and navigation.

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