Zlatko Dalić

Head coach of the Croatian National Football team

Zlatko Dalić is one of the world's best coaches today, and the success he achieved with the Croatian national football team, which he led to the World Cup finals, is an example of a carefully crafted strategy from a variety of perspectives, ranging from top-level tactics to thorough psychological analysis of all the processes included. The skills possessed by this distinguished sports professional are the result of a successful career both as a player and a coach.

Zlatko started his professional coaching career in 2000, when he was appointed assistant coach at the Varteks football club, and later on he was also the assistant coach to the Croatian national under-21 team led by Dražen Ladić. After Varteks he took over the Rijeka football club. He was also the coach of Albanian champion Dinamo Tirana, Saudi Arabian Premier League club Al Faisaly and of the Al Hilal Olympic football team. He also coached the team of Al-Ain Football Club from the United Arab Emirates. He was awarded Coach of the Year Award in 2014 by sports journalists in the United Arab Emirates.

He was appointed head coach of the Croatian football team in 2017, and after the success achieved in Russia, he was named the best coach by the Alliance of European Football Coaches' Association (AEFCA). He was previously ranked by FIFA among top three football coaches in 2018, after Deschamps and Zidane. He was voted the second best coach in 2018 in the selection of the International Federation of Football History & Statistics.

Only four and a half months after the World Cup finals in Moscow, he wrote a book titled Russia of Our Dreams: How we made Croatia the happiest country in the world. He donated all the proceeds from the book to the Vatreno Srce Foundation that helps children in need. In the book, he talks about his standpoints, doubts, challenges, fears, and of course about the path to success.

On the Leading the Game panel Zlatko Dalić will try to answer a very difficult question: how to be a leader who is successful and popular at the same time? He will also reveal what are the essential skills every modern leader needs to have. The head coach of the Croatian football team will introduce us to the world of successful leadership by providing examples from the locker room and explain the skills and tools he uses to lead one of the most expensive and valuable football teams in the world.

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