Tanja Bivic Plankar

President of Blockchain Alliance Europe

Tanja Bivic Plankar is an active member of the regional crypto community, has participated in numerous blockchain-related media campaigns and is involved in several blockchain technology projects. She also has 12 years’ experience in television broadcasting, public speaking and communications and that knowledge she valuably combined with the understanding of blockchain technology. Since March 2018 she is also the president of Blockchain Alliance Europe. Blockchain Alliance Europe is a non-profit organisation that connects companies and legal entities that use or implement blockchain technologies or are a part of the blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain Alliance Europe advocates for mass usage of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies and with the vision to transform Europe into global blockchain destination. The alliance was established with the purpose of mutual assistance in the field of business development, networking, cooperation and a joint approach to defending the interests of the members of the alliance. Members of the alliance also work closely with the Slovenian Government in the field of the relevant legislation and blockchain technology implementation in public services and are active in building European blockchain infrastructure.

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