Performance Artist

Stelarc is an Australian Performance Art. His projects and performances explore alternate anatomical architectures, interrogating issues of embodiment, agency, identity and the posthuman.

His first projects in 1968 were helmets that split binocular vision. His early actions involved amplifying his body signals and sounds, such as brainwaves (EEG), heartbeat (ECG) and muscles (EMG), and using them as control signals for real-time interaction.

He made 3 films of the inside of his body- three metres of visual probes into his stomach, left and right bronchi of his lungs and into his colon. Stelarc completed 27 body suspensions with insertions into his skin, in different positions, in remote locations and in varying situations.

Stelarc, also designed and engineered a sculpture for the inside of his stomach. This Stomach Sculpture, once inserted could open and close, extend and retract, it had a flashing light and a beeping sound. Completed his Third Hand Exoskeleton, a 6-legged walking robot, Fractal Flesh, Ping Body and Parasite are internet performances that explore remote and involuntary choreography via a touch-screen, muscle stimulation system. The body being remotely accessed and involuntarily actuated by people in other places and by internet data.

He has surgically constructed and cell grown an ear on his arm, done with the assistance of 3 plastic surgeons in 2006. He is also famous for his Propel performance, StickMan / miniStickMan etc.

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