Korado Korlević

Croatian scientist and astronomer

Korado Korlević is one of Croatia's leading astronomers and founders of the Višnjan Observatory which, in early 2019, has overtaken NASA to become the most successful in exploring asteroids. He is an ardent advocate of fundamental changes in the society and of creating essential preconditions for a better future, as well as the initiator of many educational projects in Croatia related to those topics. He graduated from the Faculty of Education at the University of Rijeka. Due to his interest in the collisions of asteroids and comets with Earth, he has encouraged activities related to the exploration of small bodies of the solar system, resulting in the first discoveries of asteroids and comets from the Republic of Croatia. Korado has discovered more than 1,400 small planets (asteroids) and has participated in the discovery of two comets. Since 1993, he has been working as the head of educational and scientific activities at the Višnjan Observatory. In addition to his work in education, he has also published many scientific and popular scientific papers both at home and abroad.

He is currently engaged in astronomy education; promoting astronomy and science by giving popular science lectures and making media appearances; constructing astronomical instruments; observing meteors and meteorites; developing methods of creative thinking and applying them in the education system; and projects dealing with nature and heritage conservation.
He has received several awards and recognitions. He is a member of many international expert organizations and an honorary member of four different associations. For his achievements in the field of astronomy and education, the Naming Committee of the International Astronomical Union named one of the celestial bodies between Mars and Jupiter after him, Korado.

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