Jean Jacques Vandenheede

Boss of my own destiny

JJ Vandenheede was the senior retail industry analyst for Nielsen Europe. In this role he used the comprehensive resources of the Nielsen Company globally, with a special focus on Europe to map the changes that affect the grocery retailing industry.

He has been analyzed format realities and the change drivers. He looks in a prospective way towards developing markets. Special attention is given to new developments within formats and channels. Private Label and discount retailing remain research fields in terms of shopper response and shopper expectations.

The insights and findings are used to engage, discuss and debate industry strategies. With challenging perspectives he aims to make teams look beyond the current and the normal. He steered a global exploration into the digital retailing context: “Agenda 20-25”. This is creating new possibilities for both manufacturers and retailers. One of his mantras is “You are the creator of your destiny!”

After 41 years with Nielsen he continues to be passionate and curious to discover new angles and perspectives to this fascinating chameleon we call the consumer.

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