Jan Štedul

Knowledge discovery expert, Mindsmiths, natural born storyteller

He is the creator of the insight hacking methodology which is used to replicate the brains of human experts into digital systems. Jan's contribution to artificial intelligence relies heavily on his rich personal and professional experience gained by working in media, investigative journalism, production of big TV projects, and international consulting in the IPTV and cable industry. Jan is an active creator of video content and visual signals aiming to inspire and motivate people while interacting with artificial intelligence, and he often acts as moderator at various events, panel discussions and conferences. 

At the Digital Takeover, Jan Štedul will be the moderator for the “AI Decoded” panel discussion. He will talk to experts and entrepreneurs who build their business models around artificial intelligence and try to demystify some of the more prevalent misconceptions that surround the AI. A lively conversation with some of the leading people from the Croatian AI world will reveal some insights into how they use artificial intelligence to solve specific problems, what value it brings to common people, and whether Croatia stands any chance against the American and Chinese giants in terms of supremacy in the AI world.

How can large companies integrate artificial intelligence into their business activity in a secure way? Is your company ready for AI? Are there any professions that won't be affected by artificial intelligence? What will our life and work look like in the next twenty years? The answers to these challenging questions will be provided during the “AI Decoded” panel discussion at the Digital Takeover.

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