Izet Ždralović

Managing Director of Microblink

Microblink is developing artificial intelligence-based software products and technology that is being used for text recognition using a smartphone camera. Many companies integrate those products in their own applications in order to simplify the process of manual data entry when, for example, paying bills or identifying users.

While studying and working both in Croatia and America, Izet has gained extensive experience in sales, marketing, and management. This has provided him with a broader perspective of the technology market and the ability to identify innovative technologies that change and influence our lifestyle. Izet considers technology should be used for simplifying various processes and solving problems in our everyday life.

Izet holds a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Dubrovnik and a Master's Degree in Service Leadership and Innovation from the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, USA.

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