Ivan Đikić

Goethe University

Ivan Đikić is a leading international expert in the fields of ubiquitin and autophagy biology. He is professor at Goethe University Frankfurt and a fellow of Max Planck Society. He leads multidisciplinary teams of scientists to study cellular life processes and their pathological alterations that lead to development of human diseases such as cancer, neurodegeneration and infection. Ivan received numerous scientific awards, including the Leibniz Prize (the highest scientific honour in Germany). He is an elected member of EMBO, the German Academy Leopoldina, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Ivan Đikić is committed to education of the next generations of scientists globally. His efforts to popularize science in his native home land Croatia were recognized by the highest civilian state honors, The Order of Duke Branimir, bestowed by the President of Croatia.


Innovation, by many defined as a creative destruction, is a driving force of economic growth. Science leads to the most creative destructions, using them in symbiotic manner in order to shape the world of tomorrow. Artifical intelligence and big data go hand in hand with biology and medicine in the quest to improve our lives in the way it wasn't possible before.

In this panel, three top biological scientists will share their perspective about this powerful symbiosis shaping and disrupting our understanding of life. Science has never been more inclusive in search for innovations. Facing challenges together, in the right time, could lead to new ideas and innovative solutions that will boost our growth to mindblown proportions.

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