Edi Sinovčić

Co-Founder and CTO at TIMEbit

Blockchain architect and consultant who loves breaking things. If something looks unsolvable then it’s the right thing for him to tackle with. Building new blockchain solutions but also moving limits on existing ones is what drives him in his day to day work. Proud contributor to both Ethereum and Hyperledger communities and advocate for plurality in opinion (no single solution is best for all use cases).

Currently, his biggest passions are education of blockchain developers and upgrading current web solutions and integrating them seamlessly with blockchain ones. He was guest speaker on many international meetups and conferences.

His life credo is: “Always explore limits because life would be boring otherwise”. In the near future, TIMEbit is going to show that blockchain technology has become mature enough to be used in the production environment solving real-life use cases. Swip.work is the first app in the region that shows how blockchain can be integrated with a progressive web app to produce even better user experience than ever before.

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