Securitas transformation

Securitas Croatia is part of the leading international security provider, Securitas, which has, during the past decade, introduced a number of technological innovations and thus provided its clients with modern solutions in protecting individuals and facilities at the global level. Today, Securitas Croatia is an innovative leader on the protection and security market. At the conference, the visitors will have the opportunity to see and try out their latest technology solutions that include a combination of people and technology such as: smart analytics for people counting; temperature scanners; TrueView Demographics application embedded in cameras used for face scanning; and security guards wearing body cameras while riding Segways.

Securitas Croatia will present their “people counting” cameras that will count the number of conference attendees in real time as well as thermal cameras that detect people based on their body temperature. During the whole conference, there will be a security guard wearing a body camera and circling around on a Segway so the visitors can experience what the modern close protection looks like in practice and what are the important elements of the overall security solution in which nothing is left unsupervised. Visitors will have the chance to familiarize and entertain themselves with a whole range of technological solutions.

The security services industry has evolved rapidly over the last few decades. We have witnessed the important transition from security guard to security officer; an increased emphasis on safety and customer service; advancements in training and career development, and the introduction of technology as part of the total security solution.

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