Robokacija is a team of educators and engineers who created their own educational products and programs for children based on experience from college and industry (Rimac, FER, FSB …).

Their dream is to empower children to be independent and responsible for the world we live in. Their goal is to introduce children to the world of designing and programming smart electronic devices. Also, their mission is to impart knowledge and skills of the future to the kids.

The program contains knowledge in electronics, programming and robotics. According to the guidelines of the profession, they have created products that children make independently and thus acquire the knowledge and skills of the future. Their method and approach are recognized by both the profession and the parents of the users - as a contemporary answer to the problems of the educational system and the challenges of the future.

Numerous awards from national and international competitions also support them. A special feature of the program is that it develops fine motor skills in children and encourages desirable behaviors and virtues that will be of significant importance in future professions. The educators are engineers and professors of FER, FSB, PMF, Geodesy and other technical faculties with extensive professional experience.

Within three years, they have held over 1500 workshops, they have the support of 23 elementary school principals in Zagreb, and more than 600 children have passed through the program, who evaluate them with the highest marks of satisfaction.

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