Q Research is a company for the advancement of business processes based on real-time research and sales. From the past 25 years of accumulated experience in several industries (such as FMCG, Pharmacy, IT), they have raised a platform that covers several entities in client's business.

They provide the client with the service of collecting and analyzing data from their existing and future consumers, in order to save primarily in several different areas. Their solution is not only software, it is also organizationally tailored to client's needs in the field of customer targeting, product placement, promotion and logistics.

The Q research solution is designed to provide client's business processes with an innovation that will appeal first and foremost to their customers, but to all others. The results they will provide to clients are based on real-time research from a target group that really used their product or service. Their vision is based on the customer experience with which we build MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE.

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