Proptiq develops digital solutions for co-living. The technology is implemented in dedicated digital co-living management products ranging from residential properties to large, purpose-built co-living facilities. Proptiq also develops white label co-living solutions for traditional real estate companies. Proptiq was founded in 2019 with the support of Fincite Ventures (technical co-founder) and Liquet Ventures.

In July 2019 Proptiq acquired an investment and graduated from the european accelerator blackprint Booster. The program was initiated by the investment company Blackprintpartners for the promotion of early stage start-ups in the real estate industry. We were also nominated for a Oscar for technology in Germany. Challenge: Traditional real estate companies and landlords can not compete with the tech first companies launching co-living spaces which offer access to a community application, digital on boarding processes and access to digital services. With our solution any real estate company or even small landlord can offer a world class co-living experience for his tenants and create a community in his buildings or flats.

The product itself includes such functionality as: in MVP: digital dashboard for both landlord and tenant, full notificationintegration, fully automated on-boarding of tenants, digital contracts signing, credit check, payments management, deposit management, requests system, damage reporting. Beyond MVP: Booking platform, smart locks integration digital room handover, extended social layer, facilities booking, ticketing system and external services integration and much more.

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