Head of Transformation Management Office at SAP


Sanja Meštrović
Sanja Meštrović is Head of Transformation Management Office at SAP with over 17 years’ experience in IT industry. In her role, Sanja is managing digital transformation and innovation projects within SAP as well as with customers and partners.

Sanja’s main focus is to help companies design human-centric innovations and ensure that creative ideas get implemented by leveraging organizational culture, employee engagement and effective change management. Sanja’s interest in these topics emerged during her studies at Montana State University as a beneficiary of the George Soros’ Open Society Scholarship. She also attained a Scholarship of the American Management Association and participated in a Management Program at Berkeley University. Upon her return from the USA, Sanja started her career at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in London. There she took an active role in large transformation programs such as “National Program for IT” with NHS as well as the set up of Diligenta, a subsidiary of TCS specialized in providing business process services for the Life and Pension Industry. Sanja holds the certificate of “Leadership in Digital Transformation and Innovation” from Stanford University and Hasso Plattner Institute. She has rich international experience as she worked in USA, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, India, South Africa and Turkey. From her vast transformation and cross-cultural experience, Sanja’ modus operandi is based on 2 beliefs – “Change is the only constant” and “Digital transformation is about people and not technology”.

At Digital Takeover conference Sanja Meštrović will participate in a panel discussion „Everything can be reduced to an algorithm – except employees“. The most successful companies have realized that, in order to maximize their results in the era of disruption and innovation, they should not only be investing in the latest tech trends, but also promoting innovation culture by investing in employees and changing the traditional mindset. Furthermore, in addition to the customer-centric approach in their day-to-day business operations, successful companies have also adopted an employee-centric model. One of the main reasons for doing so is the strong correlation between creating a working environment that will enable the employees to reach their full potential in terms of digital, and the return on investment (ROI), which is often the companies’ only focus. Together with other participants, Sanja will explain how they managed to create the preconditions for a win-win solution and empower their employees in the digital era.

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