Digital Transformation Expert and Director of Executive Education at the IEDC – Bled School of Management

Nenad Filipović

Nenad Filipović
Nenad Filipović is a lecturer, MBA Project Director and academic director at the IEDC – Bled School of Management, one of the leading international institutions of its type in Europe and one of the most renowned business schools in the world. The total number of participants since its establishment until today stands at more than 90,000 coming from 100 countries and it has been the only institution from Central and Eastern Europe which Aspen Institute ranked one of the world’s top 100 business schools based on its Beyond Gray Pinstripes Survey.

Filipović has been a professor at the IEDC – Bled School of Management since 1991. Today he teaches courses in General Management and Business Ethics, and also gives lectures within the Digital Transformation Program thus providing the tools and skills needed for a successful transformation process. Within the same Program, Filipović is also in charge of a seminar entitled “Leading Disruptive Change” where you can find out how to mobilize the whole organization and successfully achieve transformation.

Before he came to the IEDC – Bled School of Management, he was Senior Vice-President at the Rade Končar company. He has developed a rather rich scientific career at various renowned universities. He holds an MSc in Computing from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. He obtained his Ph.D. in Management from Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and completed the Stanford Executive Program at the Stanford University. In addition, he finished the “Central and East European Teachers Program” at the Harvard University.

In his teaching methods, he puts a great emphasis on human values and integrity and is committed to excellence in everything he does. In addition to creating and cocreating various educational programs at the IEDC – Bled School of Management, Filipović has supervised more than 200 consulting projects, and provided his advisory services to a number of international companies. He has been a personal mentor to more than 40 CEOs in Central Europe. He is the author or co-author of seven books and more than thirty case studies. He has been a visiting professor at numerous business schools in Europe and North America.

He is also a great expert on the current economic situation in the region and in the world, and is able to easily integrate the current events into a broader context. In his presentations, he emphasizes the importance of ethical conduct both in business and in life, especially when facing difficult times and new challenges.

At the Zagreb Digital Takeover conference, professor Nenad Filipović will give a lecture on “Myths of digital transformation” where he will address the deep-rooted stereotypes about changes to business brought by digital technology and show the truth behind them. He will illustrate the key dilemmas faced by the management of the companies in our region and the challenges encountered in transferring global experiences into our environment. He will point out the main questions that must be answered if we want to take advantage of digital technology to create competitive advantage for our company.

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