Leading Swedish branding expert, Cannes Lions winner, innovator and futurist

Johan Ronnestam

Johan Ronnestam
Johan Ronnestam is a 47-year-old Swedish designer, branding expert, creative director, TEDx speaker, innovator and entrepreneur, whose work made him one of the world's most respected speakers on trends in the future business landscape and in creating communication strategies for global companies. He gained wide experience in developing strategies and creative concepts by marketing exclusive golf brands such as Mizuno, King Cobra and Goldwin, which gave him insight into the demands of advertisers and consumers.

He started exploring the digital revolution as early as in 1994, and his creativity and a unique form of thinking quickly brought him great success. Award winning projects for clients like Nike Europe and Volvo Cars have established him as one of the most important innovators in the modern business world.

He has sharpened his skills at several institutes and agencies, like Abel & Baker, which was once one of the most reputable digital advertising agencies in the world. He put those skills in practice by significantly improving the structure of business activity on the global level in companies like MTV, Nokia and Toyota.

This brought him to the top of his profession and his company, Foreign, has won numerous industry honors, including: Cannes Lions, D&AD, London International Advertising Awards, Epica, Clio, Cresta and New York Festivals.

This multi-talented Swede takes pride in being one of the key people who launched digital and integrated global marketing campaigns for BMW Motorrad, MTV, H&M, IKEA, Beckers, Intersport, Adidas International etc. He has been involved in building various companies, and in 2013 he founded the brand BAUX with three partners. He also founded a consulting agency carrying his name, which enables him to promote the latest trends in the industry, and has also been successful in the field of product design by creating a futuristic wristwatch called BEU.

Ronnestam’s enthusiasm resulted in various mottos that at the same time define him as a versatile speaker, digital and marketing expert and innovator, but also describe him as a human being. Ronnestam’s work is founded on a business philosophy that he practices in his work, and which consists of a few basic principles:
When you are tired – run. When you are exhausted – boost. When you fail – try harder. When you worry – care less. When others worry – don’t care at all. Live. Play. Move.

He is considered to be one of the leading experts in digital marketing; and has won many international awards for his work, including Swedish Design Prize, a prize which he has been awarded seven times. At the upcoming Digital Takeover conference taking place in Zagreb Ronnestam will talk about branding, communication and the process of founding a company and creating a brand in the global digital marketplace.

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