Author of the bestseller "Funky Business" and one of the most influential global thinkers


Dr. Kjell A. Nordström is professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, an absolute guru in the new world of business and the author of the world bestseller “Funky Business - Talent Makes Capital Dance” which has to date been translated into 33 languages. Dr Kjell A. Nordström is the interpreter of the new business world. His dynamic style has made him a highly appreciated speaker, and he has given keynote presentations in over 100 countries.

He wrote Funky Business in 2000, and the book was sold in 300,000 copies, making it one of top 5 best-selling titles in the field of specialized literature of all time. Back then, the book seemed like a visionary literature consisting of abstract predictions, unintelligible to the audience of the time; but 20 years later, it turned out that, at its core, the book predicted all the processes that are now taking place in the global business world and without which it would be impossible to imagine successful business. “Karaoke Capitalism”, another bestseller he wrote together with his partner Jonas Ridderstråle (just like “Funky Business”), has been translated into 23 languages and followed the global success of “Funky Business”. His latest book “Urban Express”, co-authored with Per Schlingmann, tells a story about a silent revolution, spearheaded by cities and women. The authors see multinational corporations being transformed into multi-urban corporations. They see ‘urban’ becoming the new black with mayors becoming the prime ministers of our era.

He finished his PhD at the Stockholm School of Economics, where he was one of the founders of the school’s most prestigious management programs, “The Advanced Management Program – AMP”, a program that attracts the elite of Scandinavian executives. During his career, Nordström has worked as an advisor/consultant to several large multinationals as well as to the British government.

In 2003 and 2011, Thinkers 50, the most reliable source for global ranking of leading management thinkers, included him among the 50 most influential management thinkers in the world. He is described as an atypical business guru who delivers revolutionary messages in a revolutionary way. The Global Gurus Top 30 Management ranking put him at number 23 worldwide and among the top 5 in Europe.

At the upcoming Digital Takeover conference taking place in Zagreb , Dr. Kjell A. Nordstrom will talk about the life of companies who live and die in a continuous interaction with their relevant environment. He will also focus on some unique challenges of today’s world and a Paradigm shift caused by digitization of the human project which requires a fundamentally new set of analytical skills. Presentation focused on the life in the matrix will question what is a temporary monopoly or a competitive advantage in a world where we share the basic knowledge base.

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