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Peter Corbett

Peter Corbett
Peter Corbett is an inspiring leader who has been successfully connecting creative and technology community. He is the founder of iStrategyLabs, a digital agency that develops solutions to clients’ challenges and brings them to life in the online and offline world. He has received many awards and recognitions for his work, among which are 20 Cannes Lions.

Peter Corbett is well-known in the marketing industry for his technical background and a focus on community building, as well as for his wide interests and expertise in various fields: programming, design, TV production and advertising.

He has executed high-impact campaigns for companies such as General Electric, Nickelodeon, MillerCoolers and VW.

His influence extends across 70 countries around the world, in which he has been a mentor to dozens of startups in their development phase. He is providing advice to hundreds of technology companies, and he often shares his experience and knowledge at various conferences and workshops on business, marketing, product development, prototype manufacturing, and creative marketing approaches. He is the founder of the massive DC Tech Meetup, currently having 19,000 members, and the initiator of DCWEEK festival with more than 12,000 participants.

His lecture at the Digital Takeover conference will take you on a magical journey where you will find out everything about new opportunities for marketers, manufacturers, developers and entrepreneurs.

Since social and mobile technologies have been rapidly transforming the way we consume information, communicate with each other, and even the way we make our decisions, brands and agencies have been forced to change the way they are connecting to their existing and new audience.

In his lecture, Peter Corbett will explain in great detail how to approach user experience on social networks with the aim of increasing engagement: from “hacking” physical objects, i.e. obstacles to implementing the most recent innovations from the world of mobile business into the real world.

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