Principal Analyst at Futurum Research and Broadsuite Media Group CEO

Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman
Daniel Newman is the Principal Analyst at Futurum Research, a technology, digital innovation, and strategy firm, and the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group, which is a strategic partner for media, marketing and content creation. He has worked with some of the world's largest technology brands that explore digital transformation and its impact on entrepreneurship.

From Big Data to IoT to Cloud Computing, Newman makes the connections between business, people and tech that are required for companies to benefit most from their technology projects. His ideas are regularly cited in hundreds of prestigious global media such as London Times, CIO Review magazine and CNBC, and he is also a regular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post. His is MBA and Graduate Adjunct Professor, and his speaking takes him around the world each year as he shares his vision of the role technology will play in our future.

He is a six-time best-selling author and his lecture at the Digital Takeover conference will be based on his most recent book entitled “Futureproof: 7 key pillars for digital transformation success”.

“Futureproof” consists of 7 operational pillars that help organizations accelerate digital transformation, manage change, and turn disruption into a tireless engine of opportunity.

Large and once-successful companies like Kodak and Xerox have succumbed to the wave of new technologies because they weren’t able to cope with the pace and scope of changes. Digital transformation is the key to the survival of companies, but it is not merely a technology investment play.

Daniel Newman will reveal to us the secrets of digital transformation of some of the world’s most prestigious companies and the ways they develop their stability in the face of constant changes.

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