About the event

Digital Takeover

is 24sata’s innovative educational platform and the central point for digital communication that brings together the decision-makers and digital experts of the region. Digital Takeover conference is the first major conference in the first quarter of the new financial year that starts the topic of digital transformation in our market.
Foto: Digital Takeover 2017.

This unique platform developed by 24sata has quickly become a focal point for digital communication between the most influential decision-makers on the domestic market. Digital Takeover adopts 24sata’s strategy and, by being the first project of that kind in Croatia, it takes the leading role in that field.

The idea of digital transformation and the message concerning the importance of investing in digital advertising is being transmitted through a series of events, lectures, and workshops with constant media coverage. So far, there have been more than 10 events organized within the Digital Takeover platform which have brought together over 1,500 participants. The largest regional digital conference took place in March 2017 and featured world-renowned digital experts.


In 2018, Digital Takeover will focus on the bigger picture of digital transformation, emphasize the importance of keeping up with the latest digital trends in order to get the most out of that world and offer specific solutions and advice for creating a sustainable digital culture. The topics will cover the importance of investment in digital business and the ways of dealing with the world of constant innovation, namely by doing research, analyzing and providing examples of the ways in which digital transformation, disruption, innovation and experience economy have changed and still continue to change the way business is done.

In addition to a more diverse program and a larger number of presenters, the focus of the 2018 conference will be on the human factor in the digital transformation; more precisely on the way of observing the users and accessing them in an era in which one must keep up with the technology innovations and monitor users’ habits. We will soon provide more details about 2018 Digital Takeover conference.

The mission of the Digital Takeover conference is to strengthen the active role and the application of individual’s know-how in a culture of constant disruption, transformation and innovation, as well as to have a strong impact on raising awareness of the importance of the digital society in its entirety.

Also, the emphasis will be on educating the market through examples of successful practice accumulated by world-class experts, practical solutions and insights about trends in the face of constant disruption.

We want to provide companies with a specific know-how and the tools to create transformational culture in the digital era.


In March 2017 the Digital Takeover platform brought together more than 700 most influential decision makers on our market. Gallery 2017.

The topics concerning digital transformation, content marketing, native advertising, influencers, big data, video as well as other trends and expertise in the profession were presented by 18 speakers, both from the host country and from other countries.

The program lasted over 10 hours, including a series of workshops and panel discussions; and the lectures were held by Rob Khazzam, Uber’s general manager for Eastern and Central Europe, Evgeniy Roshchupkin, head of Viber in Russia and the CIS, Damian Huba,  Google Team Lead in Media Buying Solutions for Central and Eastern Europe,  Klemens Skibicki, digital transformation consultant, and many other experts.