Ironbull is a startup company founded in 2018. They are developing high-tech robotic models of tanks that are equipped with cameras, an airsoft projectile firing mechanism, and a network of sensors used for pinpointing the location of projectile impacts.
Although they manufacture tanks, their main product is actually the arena for tank battles as well as maps and models of buildings and landscapes made in the same scale as tanks (1:10), and franchising their successful business model.

The idea was born out of their love for tanks, which resulted in them making scaled-down realistic models of remote-controlled tanks.

Each part of the tank is thoughtfully designed, 3D modeled, and particular attention is paid to the electronics for controlling, video streaming, projectile firing and projectile impact detection.
The tank is a 100% Croatian product, everything is assembled in Croatia, only some small parts are ordered from abroad because they are not manufactured in Croatia. The development of the hardware was an extremely complex and demanding process, but the Ironbull team has managed to spark interest from people all all over the world, and we believe the same will happen at the Digital Takeover.

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