Holofiction – a creative production company specialized in 3D technologies, multimedia, animation and complex state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions. Wanna be totally different? That's exactly why we're here for you – to help you stand out and shine.

Holofiction covers every aspect of technology, from concept and prototyping custom designed digital solutions to project management, installation and maintenance. This enables us to provide you with some of the coolest advertising tools and, at the same time, offer you various services, ranging from graphic, web and product design to 3D modelling, web & app development and complex 2d & 3d video animation.

Basically, if you have an idea, you really want us to work on it. Through a unique blend of innovative hi-tech solutions combined with gripping content, Holofiction helps you create unforgettable experiences, dwarfing your competitors in a breathtaking tour-de-force.

Our digital solutions are different and yet - easy to use. Just to start with, we developed various holographic displays, transparent coolers and showcases, signage, totem, video-wall, stretched and levitation displays - you name it, we got it.

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