Hero Factory

Small companies in Croatia and all over the world have a hard time getting new clients. They dream about good-quality marketing, but they lack money and knowledge for most of the solutions, as well as the time for complicated courses. Hero Factory, want to help them through learning platform for managing online marketing of small companies. Through this app, clients get a personalized marketing plan right away. It chooses the advertising channels for them and offers a list of needed activities for each one.

Like client’s own little assistant for digital marketing, it sets actionable expert steps every day (for actions like a Facebook post) with quick lessons on how to do it. This means that, in just a few fun minutes, client can do all their daily marketing activities needed to get more sales opportunities. Moreover, the app benchmarks their activity to the average marketing quality in their industry so they can track their heroic progress day after day. New clients are waiting for you, are you ready? :)

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