Gamechuck is an award-winning video game and hardware developer established in 2017 and based in Zagreb, Croatia. 

At Digital Takeover, Gamechuck will exhibit its arcade gaming system Gamechuck Arcades, inspired by the coin-operated gaming machines of the ‘80s and ’90, that will feature a selection of purpose-made retro games. With Gamechuck Arcades, Gamechuk aims to rejuvenate the arcade industry, by offering a modern gaming experience to new generations of gamers and by making industrial-grade arcades development more accessible to other indie game developers. Gamechuck will also exhibit its business branch of edutainment interactive comics, video games designed as comic books, which can be printed out on paper after playing.

Gamechuck won "Cool Tech Idea" at VIDI e-Innovation Awards for Gamechuck Arcades. Gamechuck also secured EUR 149,400 from European Union’s MEDIA sub-programme Creative Europe for the development of an RPG adventure Trip the Ark Fantastic, thus becoming the first game development studio from Croatia that received funding from the EU. Gamechuck has also been nominated for multiple awards at various game festivals for its interactive comics All You Can Eat and vApe Escape, and retro-styled arcade game Speed Limit.

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