Fortis Labor

Fortis Labor is a young IT company from Zagreb dedicated to developing unique software solutions for easier and more efficient business operations for businesses, regardless of their size. As active members of Zicer, they regularly listen to the needs of clients from all parts of Croatia and Europe. They successfully applied projects to EU funds, which they then developed and offered ready-made solutions to local self-government units, as well as to various associations and companies.

Particularly prominent are the SOM city and SOM sport applications that enabled local government units to monitor in real time the spending and justification of public funds primarily in sports, but also in the cultural, educational and other sectors. In addition, the entire system is a tool for local clubs, cultural societies, firefighting communities and others for membership fees, billing, and through this, sports communities of cities monitor statistics and plan city strategies for future periods. Through this project, they have started digitizing the work of numerous sports clubs and strengthening their administration, and facilitated communication with their members and parents of the youth facility attendees.

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