ExRey app

Exclusive first look at the Digital Takeover: an application that uses video clips to recognize the content that you are watching and get additional information related to that content. 

The attractive and long-awaited ExRey app, which will give TV content enthusiasts numerous benefits in terms of information, is set to premiere at the Digital Takeover as part of the Expo program during which some of the largest Croatian and regional technology companies and startups will present their products and services for the first time.  

ExRey is an application that functions in the following way: all you need to do is record a short video clip using the app and the system will provide you (via your smartphone) with any additional information related to the video you are watching.  

In short: what Shazam is for audio, that is what ExRey should be for video. The application enables its users to easily and quickly scan, for example, a movie they are watching and get information about the actors, the director, interesting scenes from the shooting, interviews, costumes, awards, etc. Moreover, the application could be useful for the fans of popular cooking TV shows if they want to get a recipe or information on the availability of the ingredients in a nearby grocery store. The app will also make it significantly easier to find the best concerts: while watching music videos, you can find out the information about that artist's tours, concerts, albums and the like. It is a technology that changes the way we watch television and adds a new dimension to the way we interact with video content. 

At Digital Takeover, ExRey will be presented by the Beyond Seen Screen startup founders Mario Drevenšek, Krešimir Puljić and Miroslav Zarić, who have been working for the past two years on this groundbreaking technology that will surely change the way we consume video content. Based on their individual habits, the three of them came up with the idea of​creating an application that would make it extremely easy for them to search for information related to the content that interests them.  

“We have come up with a solution that allows you to quickly access information, and based on that we have developed a new digital platform called ExRey that enables interactivity with video content displayed on any screen. Using the application on your smartphone, the platform provides you with additional information related to that content.”—said Miroslav Zarić.  

In addition to the startups and companies that will be presenting their work at the Expo part of the conference, more than 30 prominent local and international speakers will give lectures at this largest regional transformation and innovation summit.  

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