Circuit Mess

The company manufactures do-it-yourself electronic devices that enable users to learn the basic concepts of electronics and electrical engineering, improve their motor skills and enter the world of programming in a fun and interesting way. They have so far successfully developed two educational electronic devices.

The first product is a DIY gaming console called MAKERbuino, intended for users aged 11+ who want to build a gaming console themselves and create their own games. The successful launch of their first product was followed by a second edutech product called MAKERphone. It is an educational DIY mobile device that the users can assemble themselves and get a fully functional mobile phone which can be used for all the basic functions.

They can also use it for developing their own applications using Scratch, Python and C++ programming languages. Along with the MAKERphone, the company has also developed CircuitBlocks, a graphical programming interface and circuitOS, their custom-made operating system.

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