Agilos IT

Business optimization through the IT sector is Agolios IT's general domain. An agile approach, a complete adaptation to the needs of their clients, is their basic way of doing business, and a win-win situation is the only solution.

They are a team of highly qualified, ambitious, positive and hardworking professionals. They are guided by a simple theory: satisfied customer is the best customer. How do they get there? By combining clients desires and their knowledge.

They like to think that the cornerstone of a successful business is good teamwork and healthy work atmosphere. Therefore, they value good manners and pure, heartwarming communication more than high technical skills, and so do their clients. That being said, they excel at data storage systems management. Their experts have been consulting Croatian banks for years to help achieve excellence in DWH architecture, automation and optimization.

Technologies: Oracle Databases, SQL, DWH, OWB and ODI. React Native, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, PHP
Products: ERP systems, WEB applications, websites, mobile applications

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